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I recently had the opportunity to receive a box of 6 sex toys from the brand Romp. Among the intimate toys, I discovered the anal plug Romp AMP.

Read in this article a presentation of this anal plug, as well as my personal opinion.

Test of the anal plug with beads Romp Amp

plug anal romp amp

  • inexpensive bead anal toy
  • bead dimensions suitable for beginners
  • handy
  • holds well in place



  • very simple toy, no vibration
  • a firmer handle would be ideal


Presentation of the anal plug ROMP AMP

The anal plug AMP sold by the brand ROMP is a small anal plug with purple beads. This sex toy is not electric, and is therefore not vibrating.

cheap anal plug romp

This beaded plug is not a big model since it measures 13.5 cm long, 76.9 cm wide (at the base to hold it) and 2.6 cm diameter at the widest. The third bead is the widest, to allow a progressive anal penetration.

Offered at a small price, this anal bead toy is ideal for a beginner with a small budget.

My opinion on the anal plug ROMP AMP

All in sobriety, this beaded anal plug is interesting. Its first asset, and it is not the least, is its price. ROMP is a brand of sex toys at a low price. Barely more than ten euros or dollars, this model is perfect for anal pleasure without spending too much. Knowing that you don’t have to rob the bank for sex toys is great news!

anal plug with beads

Completely manual, you are the master or mistress of your feeling. No vibration is there to make your work easier. It is your hand that guides the pleasure. I obviously prefer vibrating sex toys which provide more emotions. However, the manual side allows you to learn from your body.

With this type of sex toys, two types of use are possible. Through penetration actions, anal masturbation is possible. The different sizes of the beads make it possible to feel each penetration and exit as well as possible. As a plug for the anus, however, the second use is more common. It is to insert it and keep it during another sexual act.

If you’re a woman, a plug inserted into your anus while your man is penetrating you gives the joy of an easy double penetration. You’ll be surprised to have different kinds of feelings depending on your partner’s gestures. For a man, it’s the same thing. Whether in missionary, doggy style or any other position compatible with the plug inside you, the sex toy increases the sensations tenfold.

Before inserting the beaded plug, I recommend that you apply some lube, mainly on the first bead since it is the one that will penetrate you first.

For penetration, rotate the plug to make it easier to insert into your anus. This is the best way for the beads to pass. Nevertheless, given the small dimensions, a simple back and forth is easy. The handle is wide enough for an easy grip. However, I would have preferred a more solid part, and why not reinforced with metal as it is the case on some models.

If you want to masturbate by simulating a penetration, the most pleasant thing is to never make the beads come out completely. You keep a small part of the plug inside you and remove one, two or even all three beads and reinsert them. The dimensions of the sex toy are adapted to this use and the sex toy doesn’t spend its time coming out of your anus at each movement.

Unlike a dildo, I get the most pleasure from slow, gentle movements. The goal is to feel each bead rather than achieve an orgasm born of the speed of the movement.


All in all, this Romp AMP beaded plug proves that you don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy a good sex toy. Of course, it’s not my favorite of the year and a vibration function or a metal part for a firmer fit would be a valuable addition. But, small, practical, it allows taking anal pleasure and to totally control your stimulation. So, to begin the joys of anal sex, it is a good buy.


man sign markWritten by MARK

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