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I purchased the latest stimulator from the LELO brand: the LELO DOT™. Advertised as revolutionary, this clitoral stimulator is unlike any I’ve tried in the past. Its primary goal is unparalleled precision.

Is it a successful choice? Find out the answer in my full review of the LELO DOT™.

LELO DOT™ Clitoral Stimulator Test

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  • Infinite Loop™ technology (monstrous!)
  • masturbation all different from each other
  • lightweight sex toy, exemplary handling
  • when masturbating together, your partner may frustrate you

Introducing the LELO DOT™

Upon opening the box, the first surprise is the shape of the clitoral stimulator. The tip is uniquely slim.

In fact, in most stimulators, including those from the LELO brand, the tip is wider and allows the clitoris to be surrounded.

With the LELO DOT™, it works differently. It is a targeted clitoral stimulator. The tip does not surround the clitoris, it stimulates it with vibrations spread across the tip. It is very thin and light. I will explain the functioning of the sex toy in my review later in this article.

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The rest of the box is consistent with the brand’s standards. A black, solid and elegant box contains a small case to store the sex toy, a cleaning wipe and a USB cable to recharge it.

Concerning the more technical information, the sex toy exists in 3 colors: pink, blue and purple.

Made of smooth silicone, it weighs only 98 grams and its dimensions are 60 x 46 x 165 mm. The charging time is about 2 hours and allows a life battery of 2 hours.

In terms of decibels, the stimulator is silent since it emits only 60 decibels. This is always convenient if you masturbate in a room and you do not want to be heard by other members of the household …

If you buy the sex toy directly from the LELO website, you get a 1-year warranty and a 10-year quality assurance.

My review of the LELO DOT™ stimulator

I’m going to start briefly with the physical and technical features of the clitoral stimulator before getting down to the most important one: the Infinite Loop™ technology.

Pretty, the sex toy is a pleasure to handle. Compared to other heavy models, it is very light. I love the hole. You have a great grip. You can steer it by holding the outline of the sex toy or by putting your finger inside the hole.

All settings are done with 3 buttons. This is a habit with the latest sex toys of the brand LELO. Two buttons are used to set the intensity of the vibrations, while a third is used to turn on, off and change the vibration mode.

sex toy lelo dot

There are 8 of these vibration modes, so you have extended, jerky, weak, strong… 8 is more than enough to have a real variety without getting lost in the search for the best possible mode.

The big new feature and number one asset of the LELO DOT™ stimulator is the Infinite Loop™ technology.

As I wrote before, with a classic stimulator, the tip surrounds the clitoris and circular vibrations give you pleasure. It is reminiscent of the movements you can make with your finger.

The Infinite Loop™ technology has an elliptical trajectory. Specifically, it offers sensations over a larger area of your sex, not just the clitoris, with a feeling that can change depending on the sex toy’s position and how the tip contacts your body.

For example, if you masturbate with the sex toy upright and the tip directly on the clitoris, the pleasure will be different from masturbation in which you stick the sex toy to your pubic bone and the stimulation touch more of your sex.

The LELO DOT™ puts an end to the monotony that can arise after several tries with a sex toy. Every masturbation is different. The technology is remarkably precise to properly stimulate all your nerve endings.

With some sex toys, I only want results. Excited, I begin masturbation with the desire to cum. The novelty offered by the LELO DOT™ puts me in a different frame of mind. I take back more time to listen to my body. What happens if I put the sex toy like this? And, if I move it this way, is it better or worse?

The little tip works wonders. If you move it too much, it’s no longer a drama like with the usual stimulators. Since the vibrations are spread over several centimeters of the sex toy, there is no sudden stop of the pleasure. It remains continuous and you can adjust to accentuate it.

If you listen to your body, are relaxed, and take your time, I don’t see how you can miss the clitoral orgasm!

Alone, the LELO DOT™ targeted clitoral stimulator is orgasmic and has the capabilities to stand out as the best on the market. I’m very positive and yet, I have a long history with this type of sex toy.

With two people, your partner must show dexterity and will never do as well as you. In fact, the Infinite Loop™ technology chews up his work, as the stimulator has a wide area of action and its vibrations feel good, no matter what. However, your partner isn’t in your body and may move while a fleeting, new sensation that would have deserved more attention just happened.

Or, as Mark thinks, your partner may find himself lost in the ocean of possibilities offered by the sex toy. Where to put the tip? How to grip the sex toy? What intensity to choose? Too many choices confuse him and he spends his time trying everything without really exploring one mode. For him, a stimulator like the ENIGMA Cruise is simpler.


In conclusion, I have rarely seen or tried a stimulator that is so effective for solo female masturbation. I can cum intensely and despite more than a dozen uses, I feel like I am experiencing new pleasures with each masturbation thanks to its precise targeting regardless of the positions.

For masturbation made by my partner, I prefer another one.


woman sign avaWritten by AVA

Young thirty-something, experienced libertine, I became addicted to sex toys!

My favorite: clitoral stimulators.

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