You are currently viewing Loki Wave or Hugo: which Lelo prostate stimulator is better?

Looking for a new prostate stimulator? Lelo is always a good brand to choose when buying a sex toy. It offers several prostate stimulators.

Among the most sold, you will find the Loki Wave and Hugo models. I own both stimulators. To help you choose, I compared them. So, which one wins the match?

Loki Wave: a powerful prostate stimulator

In the red corner, with a size of 91 x 196 x 43 mm of which 100 mm is insertable and a weight of 198 grams, I call the Loki Wave prostate stimulator.

The characteristics of the stimulator Lelo Loki Wave

Made of healthy silicone and ABS plastic, the Loki Wave prostate stimulator has a solid build. Rather large, a bit heavy, it has a vibrator-like appearance.

Indeed, you have a white handle to hold it, a large insertable part and a smaller perpendicular one. Don’t think it’s optional. This part stimulates your perineum from the outside while the inserted one does it from the inside. Moreover, its presence allows you to better manage the insertion length.

loki wave stimulator
The Loki Wave stimulator is large, intense.

With the help of 5 buttons, you decide on the ignition, the vibration mode and the intensity. You have 10 different vibration modes. The vibration modes are not simple changes between continuous or jerky effects. The part of the stimulator inside your anus moves. Making slight movements from back to front, it comes to touch and stimulate your prostate.

Rechargeable via a USB cable, the Loki Wave stimulator has the autonomy of 2 hours.

The qualities and limitations of the Loki Wave by Lelo

At the opening, I was skeptical. Its large size and heaviness reminded me of all those sex toys that impress more by their size than by their effectiveness.

As I pushed the buttons and saw the automatic movements of the Loki Wave prostate stimulator, I quickly realized that my first impression was hasty. With use, this was confirmed.

The vibrations are very powerful. Inserted in your anus, it is impossible to remain insensitive. The dual motor offers stimulation from the inside and the outside. Start with a low intensity, otherwise you will be surprised by the strength, then increase the intensity as you go along. When you reach the final stage, the sex toy is the master that guides your body.

The automatic movement of the penetrating part is remarkable. Like fingers, it moves and stimulates the prostate to perfection.

The base of the sex toy is wide, which allows you to press the buttons easily without pulling it out of your anus. However, I would have liked more space between the buttons because without seeing them, I sometimes change the mode instead of the intensity. But, be assured, there’s nothing to be frustrated about and you quickly correct it.

This prostate stimulator literally blew me away. Powerful, stimulating the prostate internally and the perineum externally, moving by itself, it is a real nugget.

Hugo: a modern stimulator with remote control

In the blue corner, with a size of 104 x 107 x 41 mm of which 85 mm can be inserted and a weight of 116 grams, I call the Hugo stimulator.

The characteristics of the stimulator Lelo Hugo

Also made of safe silicone and ABS plastic, the Hugo stimulator is smaller. Its size is a standard among prostate stimulators.

stimulator hugo lelo
The Hugo model is smaller than the Loki Wave and has a remote control.

You hold it by the handle, easily distinguishable by the presence of a metal plate “Lelo”, while the other part is inserted in the anus. The choice of the 8 vibration modes is done with a wireless remote control.

Two batteries not included are required for remote control use.

The qualities and limitations of Lelo’s Hugo

Less impressive than its opponent, the Hugo prostate stimulator does not lack charm. Elegant and luxurious, it makes a nice effect when you open the box.

He too has two engines. The first one is in the insertable part which stimulates your prostate while the second one is at the base and acts on your perineum.

Less large and wide, the insertable part vibrates differently depending on the modes you choose, but you have fewer possibilities since no adjustment acts on the intensity of the same mode.

Completely waterproof, the prostate stimulator fits well. Its size makes it easy to insert, even when the dilation of your anus is not advanced. You can even insert it and drop it to use your hands in another way…

The remote control makes it ideal for a pleasure for two. Your partner controls your masturbation and chooses the modes for you. Alone, it is also convenient. With this type of stimulator, I love to masturbate my sex with my right hand, while my left hand manages the vibrations of my prostate with the remote control.

Loki Wave vs. Hugo: who wins the match?

No, I’m not going to make a neutral referee decision by calling it a draw. It would be too easy. Each model has strong qualities.

bests prostate stimulators
Loki Wave and Hugo: two stimulators with very different advantages.

The Loki Wave stimulator is really a great discovery. Before my test, I did not imagine such power. Loki Wave is better for:

  • Intense and orgasmic stimulation, based on the strength of the vibrations.
  • Getting closer to a real anal intercourse with a partner since the stimulator moves inside you.
  • Focusing all your efforts on prostate stimulation.
  • Penetrate yourself with a sex toy that is longer and wider than the average stimulator.

The Hugo stimulator, with its remote control, is also a very good sex toy. Having already tried several stimulators similar to it in the past, I recommend the Hugo for:

  • Gentle prostate stimulation is based solely on the sensation of moderate vibrations.
  • A double masturbation. Perfectly placed in your anus, it does not move and you can use your hands to touch your sex, caress your partner or even hold it during sex.
  • A first experience with an anal sex toy. Light, less wide, its insertion is easier than the Loki Wave.

All in all, you have two LELO prostate stimulators capable of bringing you a lot of pleasure. For a gentle, simple stimulation, the Hugo model is my favorite.

But personally, I love the exquisite vibrations and the automatic movements. I had never felt such anal pleasure with a sex toy. The Loki Wave prostate stimulator is the one that wins the game.



My big WINNER: the Loki Wave stimulator.

The FINALIST who didn’t lose: the Hugo stimulator.


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