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Clara Morgane rocked your youth and you still like to see her movies? Let go of your hand and treat yourself to Clara Morgane’s vagina with this exceptional vagina!

Test of the Clara Morgane Fleshlight

masturbator clara morgane

  • real sex of Clara Morgane
  • tight vagina
  • easy to clean
  • realistic masturbation

On our blog, I already told you about my adoration for these sex toys. There is nothing more exciting than having a real cast of an actress’s sex to make your masturbation realistic.

Without going into details, the making is simple. The manufacturer makes a mold of the woman’s sex with paste. When the paste hardens, it is removed and used to make a sex toy that has all the characteristics of her sex. Clara’s vagina is therefore identical to this fleshlight!

For the sex toys lovers, there are also masturbators which are the anus of the actresses. The design is obviously different, but the sensations are close.

hole clara morgane sex toy
Here is the little hole of Clara Morgane. It is only waiting for your penis!

What do I think of it? Nothing but good! You’ll love the idea and the sex toy. The masturbator fits well in your hand and the vagina is tight enough to feel what it takes with each penetration. Hand movements or pelvic movements take you to ejaculation.

It comes with lube (the manufacturer inserted it into the vagina, so you have to pull it out with your fingers). I advise you to use it, especially during the first times. Indeed, when you discover the masturbator, the tight hole can hurt a little or you can have difficulty putting your whole sex in.

My first instinct was to spread it with my fingers to try to get my glans through. This is possible with the excitement, but the pleasure is not there. With some lube, the movements are more fluid and the penetration is fast. A real treat. But be careful, lubricant greatly accelerates ejaculation, so take your time and don’t do it prematurely with Clara!

Afterwards, with the habit and the vagina more and more used, it becomes easier to insert your sex without lube.

It’s liberating to cum in this kind of masturbator because you don’t have to deal with the sperm. It stays in and you can catch your breath without worrying about it getting everywhere. Washing is done in a few minutes.

The life span of the masturbator is high. I’ve had it for a little over a year and I feel like the masturbator still feels as good as the day after I bought it.

Why choose Clara Morgane’s vagina?

clara morgane body
My god, Clara… What a body!

To make (finally) love with Clara Morgane!

All the thirty-year-olds dreamed of Clara Morgane’s curves. This French actress had it all: a fiery look, small breasts, screams during a quick orgasm, a bouncy butt, a tight little sex… In front of her, you could only get an erection and you surely imagined taking the actor’s place more than once.

It’s possible thanks to the fleshlight. To make your masturbation exceptional, I advise you to use it while watching a scene of Clara or to visit her Instagram account. I did it and realized how much Clara is still a hottie. Just imagine: you’re jerking off in Clara’s vagina with all the visual material at your disposal to make it look as if you’re making love to her. A treat!

This is what I did during my first ejaculation in the sex toy. I’ll tell you about it a little bit further down in this test…

A masturbation different from anything you’ve ever known

Seeing the collection of men’s sex toys I own, you can easily guess that I have a long experience in masturbation more original than with my hand. Yet, the first time I used a masturbator, I felt sensations I didn’t know I had.

If you don’t feel the wetness and warmth of real sex, penetration causes effects on your glans that are close to the real thing. When you open the box, enjoy the details of the vagina. If you have more than one, you will see that there are real differences in each model.

You can vary the strength of your loins, your position and the position of Clara’s masturbator. You’ll never get tired of it!

A cheap vagina

The vagina is a cheap sex toy. Count between €20 and €30 to have Clara’s sex at home! Honestly, who nowadays doesn’t have that kind of money to spend to embellish their masturbation? This is typically the proof that a sex toy is not necessarily expensive. If you have a small amount of money to spend on an online sex shop, this is the product to take rather than small Tenga eggs or a cockring.

A sextoy easy to store

With Ava, I don’t have any worries about taking care of my sex toys, but that might not be your situation. If you live with a jealous partner, at your parents’ house or are worried about friends discovering your sex toys, the masturbator is perfect. It takes up very little space. It’s about 20 centimeters long and you have many hiding places with this size.

I have a friend who hides them in his socks and another behind his video games. Their Clara Morgan fleshlight is a bit like the mistress who comes out of the closet when the house is empty…

Moreover, the photo of Clara Morgane visible on the product is the packaging of the masturbator. When you open it, she goes away and you have a white tube. Nobody will guess that it is a sex toy by seeing this white tube.

Maintenance is easy

To last and be pleasurable to penetrate, fleshlights and masturbators need to be washed after each orgasm. The silicon vagina can be removed from the tube and washed quickly with clean water. On average, it takes 5 minutes to do this. Put it to dry for about ten minutes and it’s done.

Here is what the Clara Morgane vagina looks like when it is taken apart to be washed:

packaging clara morgane masturbator

If you feel like adding lube for faster back and forth, do so. It doesn’t make cleaning any more difficult.

A little tip, to easily put the plugs back in, take the circle that allows you to tighten and screw it in. Then put the cap that clips on. Doing this in two steps is easier.

The disadvantages of the Clara Morgane vagina

If the Clara Morgane masturbator is an excellent sex toy for men, it does not have only qualities. Here are the small points that I do not find optimal.

A sex toy too classic for the amateurs of discovery?

The vagina is a simple hole. There is no revolution in the sex toy. No vibration, no movement: you place your penis in the masturbator and this is it. Personally, I like it because you feel sensations close to a sexual relationship, but I know that some men find the sex toy too simplistic.

Washing it is annoying

Masturbation is an absolute pleasure, but the aftermath is less pleasant. Once your testicles are empty, you’re relieved, you have no excitement anymore and you just wish you could get out of the vagina to wash your glans.

But you have cum in your masturbator and unless you are the last of the disgusting, you must wash it. This washing time, with your cum dripping, is not the most appealing thing ever. But, it would be a shame to be shocked by your sperm, right? Also, as I said before, the fleshlight cleaning is very fast.

A life span that depends on your use

To take more pleasure with your Clara Morgane vagina, you will surely put some lube. Then some sperm and some cleaning product will complete the use. As the masturbator is made of simple silicone, a very frequent use can quickly damage it.

I’m at about 100 times and I feel the hole is looser than before. I think a few dozen more masturbation will necessitate buying a new one.

Fortunately, the price of the Clara Morgan vagina is affordable enough to always have a model in excellent condition.

How to use the Clara Morgane vagina?

As you like it! The Clara Morgane artificial vagina is so handy that you can let your imagination run wild. Here is a list of ideas (or memories!) that come directly to mind:

  • Vary the positions: on your back, on your stomach, sideways, standing, sitting…
  • Change the movements: use your hands to make the vagina move on your sex, give back strokes as if you were taking Clara Morgane…
  • Jerk off without hands: block the vagina between two mattresses, big books and masturbate without holding the vagina. You’ll feel like you’re having sex with a woman.
  • Move from your room: masturbate in the car, in the bath, on the balcony, at the office… The pocket size of the masturbator allows you to be discreet. Just unbutton your pants, take out your sex and go!
  • In immersion! Put a Clara movie on TV, wear a headset and masturbation will be more real than life.

At first, I had a little trouble finding the right positions to make myself feel good in the fleshlight. Then, I chose to change the classic positions like the missionary. This makes all the difference.

My first strong orgasm with this sex toy was when I held it between my mattress and the box spring, pressing hard on the mattress so the fleshlight would not move. The kidney strokes bring a pleasure similar to doggy style especially when the testicles touch the bed base…

clara morgane instagram
Clara Morgane’s Instagram is also a good motivator to have fun with her vagina…

All this in front of the red couch scene from the movie “La Cambrioleuse”, you can imagine that I ejaculated as if I was the one making love to Clara Morgane!

Recently, I tried it in a jacuzzi during a night at the hotel. Between the swirls and the water making it easier to penetrate, it’s masturbation I recommend. It forces you to make the movements with your hand because it’s impossible to block the vagina, but it’s much better than your hands…

Is the Clara vagina the best masturbator?

It is an excellent masturbator and the most sold model in France. This is a good proof of its quality.

However, having tried a dozen star fleshlights (Anna Polina, Cléa Gauthier…), there are no big differences between each model.

fleshlights actresses
There is a choice! Choose the vagina of the star you love, because the sensations are similar.

So, I advise you to buy the masturbator that excites you the most. Personally, given my age, I grew up with the first Clara Morgane movies and knowing that the sex toy is a faithful shape of her sex really turns me on!

Fake vagina or automatic masturbator: what to choose between the two sex toys?

They are two different and complementary sex toys.

The fake vagina is the closest to a real sexual intercourse. There is a vagina or an anus, you put your penis in front of it in the position that makes you feel like it and perform the movements until you ejaculate.

Expensive masturbators are often complex with a lot of vibrations and automatic movements.

I see them more as a handjob or even a blowjob when there is a slight sucking effect, while the vagina remains a penetration simulator.


man sign markWritten by MARK

User of sex toys since my adolescence, I tried more than a hundred of them in my life.

My favorite: masturbators and sex dolls.

What I like: sex toys offering realistic sensations, without taboos and without frills.