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In my quest to buy nice and cheap sex toys, I bought several products from the brand ROMP. After several good surprises, like the anal plug and the mini vibrator, I chose the ROMP masturbator named “Dash”.

Discover my opinion on this male masturbator, but also its characteristics.

Test of the masturbator for men ROMP Dash

masturbator dash romp

  • cheap masturbator
  • heavy, holds well in hand
  • not tight enough
  • no fancy look
  • siliconized part not realistic


Presentation of the ROMP Dash masturbator

The ROMP Dash masturbator is a classic masturbator. The man inserts his penis in the sex toy and enjoys himself. This is possible thanks to the masturbator’s hole made of siliconized material.

masturbator dash romp design

Regarding the important information of the masturbator, I can say:

  • The dimensions are 200 mm (height) x 75 mm (width).
  • The silicone is soft and healthy for the skin.
  • The color of the masturbator is black, while the interior is gray.
  • The masturbator is manual and not electric. So you don’t have any vibrations.

My opinion on the masturbator stroker ROMP Dash

The shape and design of the Dash masturbator

The Dash masturbator from ROMP is massive. The box is big and heavy. This surprised me since I was expecting a smaller size, like the fleshlights.

The whole is sober and without fantasy. This is logical for a cheap sex toy. I like the sturdiness of the model and its heaviness, since it allows a good grip. But, if you want a discreet masturbator, this one might take up some space in your drawer.

The siliconized part is easily removed and put back. This makes cleaning after using quicker and more efficient.

silicon masturbator dash romp

The feeling during masturbation with the sex toy

The important thing with a masturbator is not its appearance, but the sensations during masturbation. The Dash model has several very interesting qualities, but limits.

The first asset is the size of the silicone. With 20 cm in length, you can put all your sex in it. I like to start my masturbation with slow movements that go as deep as possible in the sex toy. When you simulate sex, this size allows you to give strong loins, as if you were doggy style!

The weight ensures that the position is maintained. When you have it in your hands, the movements are safe. If you try to wedge the sex toy somewhere to masturbate without your hands, the imposing size is interesting.

As for the silicone part, the part that gives you pleasure, it offers a larger hole than many masturbators. This is for a weak point. The more silicone squeezes your sex, the more you feel pleasure. However, you feel a bit like you are making love to a very wet woman with a large vagina.

So I don’t find the sensations optimal. I get more pleasure with a fake vagina or the Pow masturbator from Arcwave, a product I tried recently.

Even if the hole is larger, it is complicated to masturbate without lube. Your glans would rub too much against dry silicone. I always use lube. The wetness offers more sensations and if you are a beginner in the world of masturbation, I think the surprising effect could make you cum very quickly.

For the lube, put a little in the silicone and a little on your sex. This double dose allows for smoother movements during masturbation.

Finally, the excitement of the masturbator is limited. Yes, I know that the sensations are the most important criteria. But, between a grey hole and a realistic masturbator with a vagina or anus shape, your thoughts are not the same.


In conclusion, the Dash masturbator by Romp is a decent model. With a good dose of lube, it knows how to bring you pleasure and make you cum. But, too wide, not very aesthetic, I find that there are better masturbators. These will, however, have a higher price. With a small budget, the Dash remains a good choice.


man sign markWritten by MARK

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What I like: sex toys offering realistic sensations, without taboos and without frills.