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Sold at a small price, the Wand masturbator made by Satisfyer announces itself as a mid-range sex toy. I tested it and without being the best masturbator ever, it was beyond my expectations.

Let’s look back at the features and promises of the product, then at the results after several weeks of use.

Test of the Satisfyer Men Wand masturbator

masturbator satisfyer

  • 50 vibration modes
  • open, which causes other sensations than closed masturbators
  • what a sensation when the vibrations work on your testicles!
  • soft, solid and easy-to-maintain sex toy
  • excellent value for money
  • the buttons would have been better on the other side of the sex toy

Presentation of the Satisfyer Wand masturbator

Compared to the last Satisfyer masturbator I tried, the big difference of this one is that it is not closed. Indeed, to masturbate with it, you place your glans between the two vibrating tabs at the top of the sex toy. There are 50 vibration modes available.

The masturbator is 20 cm long and 5.7 cm wide. It is not waterproof, but resists water splashes. You can therefore wash it by putting water, but do not plunge it in.

It is recharged via a USB cable provided.

My opinion on the Satisfyer Men Wand masturbator

I am obliged to start my review of the Satisfyer Men Wand Black with its non-closure. This brings quite different sensations from closed masturbators. You don’t have the sucking sensation of oral sex and there is no heat from the lack of air. But, contrary to what I thought when I bought it, this does not mean less pleasant masturbation, but different.

The sex placed on the part that vibrates perfectly feels the effects of the vibrations. Announced 50, they are actually divided into 10 different modes (continuous, jerky…) of 5 speeds each. They are varied enough to be able to adapt them to the moment of your jerk-off. So, I like to start with the modes that give small vibrations in a row, then when I feel that the excitement rises and that I want to cum, I switch to continuous vibrations with a high intensity.

masturbator wand satisfyer
These fins concentrate most of the vibration. Put your glans between them and let them do their job. Don’t press or move your penis for a stronger, more effortless effect!

Do not force the masturbator by sticking it to your penis. I sometimes do this in the throes of sexual pleasure, and it causes the vibrations to stop or the intensity to drop sharply. Just let yourself go and enjoy. The desire gets stronger and stronger until you ejaculate. It’s amazing how simple vibrations without the usual back and forth of masturbation can make you come!

You alternate the vibrations and speeds with three buttons on the base. They are large enough for you to find them easily, but I find it’s not a good idea that they are put on the side that touches your sex. Putting them on the other side would have been much more ergonomic.

Under the impact of the novelty, I came very quickly for the first time (in addition, Ava was on a business trip for 4 days…) and the following times, I am on average one ejaculation out of two uses, sometimes preferring to play with it as an appetizer before ejaculating with my hand or my girlfriend.

With the shape of the Wand masturbator, I thought it would be good to make it feel like I was penetrating a vagina by moving my pelvis and locking the wings on my glans. But this gives very average sensations. The masturbator is not used like that.

On the other hand, when you stick it well to your penis and also press the base against your anatomy, the vibrations are felt strongly in the testicles. This situation is the best, try it! Let the sex toy play its role and keep it in that area and the pleasure will come quickly. I love to do it while watching a blowjob scene and imagining myself in the actor’s role…

I also tested it with Ava, but it is difficult for your partner to keep the right strength on the masturbator. This can be frustrating as you go from one pleasure to another, with moments when the masturbator moves away and you feel nothing. I prefer it for solo masturbation.

In conclusion, this Satisfyer masturbator is not perfect, but the performance of this well-priced sex toy goes beyond my expectations.

Its size and its numerous vibrations bring novelty and now, I enjoy using it often. I even prefer it to some more expensive masturbators.


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