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Having discovered the brand ROMP, specialist of low-cost sex toys, I recently tried the Romp Bass model.

Unlike the other beaded plug of the brand, this ROMP Bass has a more standard shape. Let’s find out more about its features, usage, and benefits.

ROMP Bass anal plug test

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  • Cheap
  • Vibrating plug
  • Small model, easy to insert.
  • One type of vibration
  • More intense vibrations would be ideal.

Presentation of the anal plug Bass by ROMP

Sold in its blue box, the anal plug Bass of ROMP is a small model. It measures 10 x 8 cm. The great asset of the sex toy is its vibrating performances. Indeed, by pressing the single button present on the anal sex toy, you trigger vibrations.

In operation, its autonomy is 60 minutes, while the time needed to recharge it is 80 minutes. I add as another interesting figure that it has a guarantee of 2 years.

sex toy anal romp bass

It is advertised as dark green. I see it almost black. Its material is common to 99% of other sex toys: silicone.

My opinion on the anal plug ROMP Bass

This anal plug design, with a wide handle, is still my favorite. It allows you to hold it easily in your hand, to go back and forth without difficulty or to put it between the butts and leave it inside you during sex.

The dimensions make this plug totally suitable for people who discover anal pleasure or who want a small and cheap sex toy for their anus. My zoomed-in photos make it look bigger than it is. With a few lube, you can insert it even without any real anal preparation. Without lube, inserting a finger to prepare yourself is more than enough.

If you want an intimate toy capable of “performance” in bed, it will be too small. But, if you want to spice up your foreplay or masturbate your anus without risking pain, this is perfect.

For me, I like this design and size to keep it inside me while I penetrate Flora. The best is when we are in the doggy style position. On my knees, my pelvic movements cause automatic contractions in my buttocks and each time, a double pleasure rush is felt: my penis in my partner’s vagina and the anal plug between my buttocks.

design plug romp bass

To add even more sensation, activate the vibrations. These vibrations are not powerful, but they are a real bonus. The battery life is good, so if you recharge it, you can use it throughout sex without the battery running out. This also gives you time, when masturbating solo, to stimulate yourself without the fear of being stopped by the battery.

Sure, it’s not perfect, but how could it be for the price? I remind you that this plug is sold for less than €20. That’s a very low price. My best plug models, like the Hugo (sold by Lelo), cost me between €150 and €200. It is obvious that such a difference means unequal products.

The main point of improvement is the vibrations. More vibration choices and intensity variations would make it much better.

Nevertheless, for beginning anal sex for a low price, this is an excellent choice.


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