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Do you hesitate between the clitoral stimulator for Madam and the masturbator for Sir? Why not satisfy both at the same time? It is indeed possible, or at least it is the announcement promised by the brand Satisfyer, with this couple stimulator.

Seduced by the promise, we got it last month and so had time to try it in several ways. What did we think of it?

Complete test of the Satisfyer Multifun

satisfyer stimulator

  • finally a real couple sex toy!
  • vibrations spread over the whole stimulator
  • high intensities
  • easy to use for penetration
  • simultaneous orgasms possible
  • limited effect for the position supposed to stimulate the G-spot
  • buttons are small

The characteristics of the Satisfyer Partner Multifun 1 stimulator

I think this little stimulator looks like a gigantic magnet on the picture. It is more attractive at the reception. Small, it measures only 13 cm.

Two buttons at the bottom of the stimulator allow you to turn it on and change the level of vibration. These are divided into 10 levels with three different motors. There are continuous vibrations and others “jerky”.

When you turn on the vibrations, they are more intense at the two branches, but they are felt everywhere in the sex toy. This is very convenient for use during penetration as we will see later.

Made of medical silicone, the sex toy is soft and waterproof.

How to use your couple stimulator?

This is the strong point of this Satisfyer stimulator. With its original shape and two prongs, you have diverse ways to use it. The manufacturer offers 14 of them in the box of the sex toy. Here they are:

stimulator man woman
Here are 14 examples of possible positions with the sex toy. These drawings are on the back of the box of the sex toy.

Start by positioning the stimulator, then press the buttons to turn the toy on. As always, I prefer to start with low intensities, then gradually increase the intensity.

To turn it off, you have to press both buttons at the same time for a few seconds. I’m telling you this because it took us a minute to figure it out and when you’re struggling to turn off the stimulator as you start penetration, it’s very frustrating!

What are the best positions?

As far as recommended positions are concerned, my boyfriend prefers when he puts the bottom of the stimulator under his testicles. For my part, I like to be in the amazon position or with my legs raised. I also recommend trying the spoon with shallow penetrations so that the stimulator stays on your clitoris as well as possible.

For foreplay use, I did not like the G-spot stimulation with it. There are better sex toys to do this. On the other hand, clitoral masturbation is delightful. The waves reverberate well in the area.

On the nipples, it’s also nice when you leave the intensity low. If you do this during a bit of S&M play where you are tied up, the heat rises quickly!

What did I think of the Satisfyer stimulator for couples?

I think it’s important to separate the two uses of the stimulator, alone and as a couple.

stimulator satisfyer
Bring the two branches together like a vice around the clitoris to better stimulate it.

Masturbation with the stimulator while alone

The power of the vibrations is a treat. The two arms are further apart than on the product picture, so don’t hesitate to use two fingers to squeeze a little and form a vice around your clitoris. At first, I was quite disappointed with the imprecision of the effects, but when I decided to do this during masturbation, I quickly changed my mind!

They are exquisite and it doesn’t take long for you to shiver with excitement. I prefer continuous or long vibration modes. The jerkier ones give me a thrill, but they are closer to a jolt than to sexual pleasure.

While I find the stimulator impractical for the G-spot, I love turning the stimulator on, putting it on my clitoris with the prongs down and the bottom of the sex toy at pubic level, and fingering myself at the same time. It’s a pure delight.

Using the Stimulator during Penetration

If solo masturbation is possible with this sex toy, it is during penetration that its originality is best expressed. The man puts the stimulator around his penis, passes or not his testicles and penetrates you. It is very easy to install the sex toy and I advise you not to hesitate to spread the branches a little to pass the testicles.

Indeed, unless your partner has a large sex, the stimulator tends to turn a little during penetration. With testicles, it stays in place.

Another crucial point is that as the vibrations reverberate throughout the sex toy, the man has nice vibrations in the testicles. This increases his pleasure and helps to keep his erection hard. Mark prefers moderate vibrations, but your man or you (if you are a man and read this test) may prefer something different.

For the woman, it’s simple: what a kick! The double pleasure of clitoral stimulation and penile penetration will transport you. If you are in osmosis with your man and he listens to your desires, it is even better. The best is when he makes long and deep penetrations at the beginning by staying a short second in your vagina. The sex toy against the clitoris is a joy.

Then, when the excitement goes up another notch, it’s best when it makes quick back and forth strokes without leaving your vagina too much. Otherwise, the stimulator’s prongs may move away from your clitoris and thus cut off the rising orgasm every time. Don’t hesitate to interrupt the penetration if you feel that the sex toy is turning a little and that you vibrate more on your thighs than on your clit.

With Mark, we set out to have an orgasm at the same time with this little toy. After six attempts, we manage to get close to it but it is not yet simultaneous because there is always one who cracks before!

My Conclusion on this Couple Stimulator

The real couple sex toys are quite rare. With this stimulator to use as a couple, the pleasure is really shared.

During penetration, you’ll love it until you cum, guaranteed! And this applies to both men and women.

For a solo masturbation, bring the two branches closer together and you will get the same result. However, I prefer other toys like the Womanizer stimulator when I masturbate.

With its price close to $50 and its contribution during penetration, I am loving it!


woman sign avaWritten by AVA

Young thirty-something, experienced libertine, I became addicted to sex toys!

My favorite: clitoral stimulators.

What I like: innovative, beautiful and designed for women by women.