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Once again, I fell in love with the world of clitoral stimulators. Able to make me cum in just a few minutes, this type of stimulator is, without question, my favorite sex toy.

Today, I offer you a complete test of the Luxury stimulator manufactured by Satisfyer.

Test of the clitoral stimulator Satisfyer Luxury

stimulator satisfyer luxury

  • elegant and high quality stimulator
  • waterproof
  • easily accessible buttons

  • difficult to keep the vibrations on the clitoris
  • tip too large for the clitoris

Presentation of the Satisfyer Luxury

The big difference with other clitoral stimulators I have tested is the location of the hole that broadcasts the waves. Often, it is placed perpendicularly, a bit like the material that your doctor puts in your ear. But, this time, it is the extremity of the sex toy.

This location means that you hold the Luxury stimulator horizontally when masturbating rather than vertically.

In terms of technical features, there are three buttons to turn the sex toy off/on, increase and decrease the strength of the vibrations.

The Satisfyer female stimulator is waterproof (you can enjoy intimate pleasures in the bathtub!), recharges with a USB cable provided in the box and is available in several colors (pink/white, or black/white).

My opinion on the Satisfyer Luxury stimulator

My first impression when I opened my package was very positive. The sex toy is elegant. The material worthy of a crocodile skin is sublime. The object is solid, heavy and suggests a perfect handling.

This is the third Satisfyer sex toy we have tested for our blog and it is always a real thrill when we discover the sex toy.

Concerning the holding of the clitoral stimulator, whether it is me or Mark, it is good. The object holds well in the hands, while the buttons remain easily accessible.

sex toy satisfyer luxury
The waves of the clitoral stimulators are still good. But, I find the tip of this one a little too wide and more difficult to target the right area.

For the moment, everything is fine, but then it's time to have fun... And there, it's the frustration!

Why? This Luxury stimulator has everything to make you reach orgasm. The vibrations are strong and unlike some sex toys that multiply them to the point of making them complicated to set up, you quickly find the right intensity.

But I find the tip quite big to stimulate the clitoris. Compared to women sex I have seen in my life, I know that my clitoris is a normal size. However, with the stimulator, the edges stay away from my clitoris, which inevitably causes a decrease in the sensations offered by the stimulator.

I talked about it at the beginning of the article, the Luxury stimulator of Satisfyer changes compared to the competition because the waves are emitted in a hole located at the end of the sex toy. This forces you to place the sex toy perfectly on your clitoris. Indeed, with a Womanizer, if the hole jumps a little from your clitoris, you still have some sensations because the sex toy is stuck to your sex. This is not the case with this one.

This causes some frustration. If you're an expert who doesn't move at all while orgasm is coming, you won't have this disadvantage. Personally, I'm like most of us, when I feel I'm going to cum, my legs contract, I push my pelvis into the bed and my back goes up. In this case, it is very difficult to keep the large hole of the stimulator in the right place.

In conclusion, it is impossible to say that the Satisfyer Luxury clitoral stimulator is bad, but I prefer other sex toys.

The manufacturer has a solid reputation, is a king of marketing and often sells good products. But, this time, as a woman wishing a sex toy able to make me cum, I am disappointed by the performances. The innovative shape is accompanied by a decrease in pleasure.

This sex toy will not yet be able to compete with my Womanizer stimulators, the bests of all time! Am I getting carried away? Try it and you'll tell me about it...


woman sign avaWritten by AVA

Young thirty-something, experienced libertine, I became addicted to sex toys!

My favorite: clitoral stimulators.

What I like: innovative, beautiful and designed for women by women.