Looking for your first female sex toy or a new model to add to your collection? Check out my selection of favorite women’s sex toys below, along with plenty of tips on how to compare, choose, care for and use a female sex toy.


What are the different types of women’s sex toys?

It’s been a long time since the market for women’s sex toys contained more than just dildos. Having a collection of dozens of sex toys, a number that keeps growing since this blog allows me to receive them as gifts, I enjoy myself differently depending on the type of sex toys.

sex toy nymph
The sex toys for women sometimes have amazing shapes!

Among these types, I can mention:

  • The clitoral stimulator
  • The G-spot stimulator
  • The vibrator, which exists in different forms: pocket vibrator, rabbit vibrator, wand, vibrating duck…
  • The dildo: flexible, heated, rigid, strap-on …
  • Geisha balls
  • The vibrating egg
  • The anal plug

This selection only concerns the best-selling female sex toys. If you are a big fan, you may discover rarer and sometimes surprising objects, such as vibrating panties, the clamp or even machines with a dildo making movements as a real partner does.

What are the most popular sex toys for women and why?

For a very long time, the vibrator was the favorite sex toy for women. Its arrival was revolutionary. For us, discovering a small intimate vibrating toy capable of bringing you to orgasm more efficiently than a man was a blessing.

While the vibrator remains a beloved classic, I think the clitoral stimulator has replaced it. Brands like Womanizer have created insanely accurate technology to stimulate the clitoris.

Then there are the vibrating eggs and connected sex toys that are increasingly sold, although they are not among my favorites.

Finally, I think about dildos. Alone or with a partner, dildos are as enjoyable as they are easy to use.


What are the best brands of sex toys for women?

I can’t list all the good brands of sex toys. However, as I go through my collection, I can see that my best sex toys for women are made by the following brands:

Among the private labels, Dorcel stands out. It is the only sex shop brand able to compete with those mentioned above.


Ranking of the 10 best sex toys for women in my collection!

Clitoris and G-spot stimulator: the Womanizer Duo

The main advantages of the Womanizer Duo:

  • Fantastic double stimulation
  • Wide range of vibrations
  • Pleasure Air technology is amazing
  • Gentle function to recover from orgasm
  • Satisfying battery life

Womanizer’s latest addition is a pure delight. As the name Womanizer Duo suggests, this sex toy has the ability to stimulate both your clitoris and your G-spot.

The 14 intensity levels, 10 vibration modes and 2 motors allow for waves to be spread throughout the sex toy.

Whether you want to stimulate only your clitoris or a double stimulation, its effectiveness is remarkable.

I also like the Smart Silence function. The sex toy is discreet and silent. The other interesting feature is Afterglow. It gently ends the orgasm by emitting light vibrations.

Waterproof, having a long-lasting battery, this Womanizer Duo clitoral stimulator is probably the best female sex toy in my collection.

To learn more, check out my article on the Womanizer Duo.


2 – Lelo Enigma Cruise Stimulator

The main advantages of the Lelo Enigma Cruise:

  • double pleasure stimulation
  • ideal design for masturbation
  • great variety of modes and intensity
  • light and compact

I continue with the sex toys offering dual stimulation. The reason is easy: they are fantastic!

After Womanizer, Lelo is another excellent brand. The Enigma Cruise is pretty, elegant and ergonomic.

The penetrating part is smaller than the Womanizer Duo. So if you’re a beginner or like smaller sex toys, it’s a great choice. Its inclination is perfect for stimulating the G-spot area.

Described as a massager by Lelo, the stimulator provides both gentle and strong vibrations.

To find out more, read my article on the Enigma Cruise.


3 – Womanizer Og Stimulator

The main advantages of the Womanizer OG:

  • Unique sex toy
  • Double stimulation
  • Pleasure Air technology as effective as ever
  • Smart Silence function
  • Easy to use

The Womanizer OG stimulator only stimulates the clitoris. But very well! Five years ago, the brand was already a reference. However, with each new model, it knows how to find details that make your masturbation even better.

The good example is the shape of this clitoral stimulator. It’s not straight, it’s curved. When you lie down and put the stimulator on your clitoris, this shape allows you to have your arm resting on your body and to have the sex toy in the right place.

The Womanizer technology, so typical of the brand, is also there. The waves bring you to orgasm without effort. Even women who are new to clitoral pleasure are able to cum. It’s your stimulator that does all the work.

My only quibble is that the buttons are a bit too hard. But I’m picky. Compared to the competition, you are on one of the best women’s sex toys on the market!

To learn more, check out my review of the Womanizer OG.


4 – Lelo DOT Clitoral Stimulator

The main benefits of the Lelo Dot:

  • Infinite Loop™ technology (monstrous!)
  • Masturbation all different from each other
  • Lightweight sex toy, exemplary handling

Lelo presents this sex toy as a targeted clitoral stimulator. Unlike other stimulators, you do not have a tip that surrounds the clitoris. This time, the tip of the stimulator is shaped like a point. You have to put it on your clitoris.

This targeting of the clitoris results in intense stimulation. This is probably the sex toy that gives me the most thrill of pleasure. In addition, its design is excellent. You have a hole to put your finger through and hold the sex toy easily. So it is easier to masturbate well.

On the other hand, the Lelo Dot stimulator is less effective with two people. Mark still has some difficulties and moves at the wrong time. I recommend it exclusively for solo masturbation. Listen to your body, handle the sex toy gently and the pleasure will be intense!

To find out more, read my article on the Lelo Dot.


6. Clitoral stimulator: the Womanizer Premium

The main advantages of the Womanizer Premium:

  • Pioneer of the best stimulators
  • Impressive efficiency to reach orgasm
  • Easy to use

If you read my blog regularly, you already know (because I say it often): the Womanizer Premium clitoral stimulator is my favorite sex toy!

The reason is simple: it brings me to orgasm at record speed. That’s the promise Womanizer makes for their clitoral stimulators and their performance has made them famous. How do they do it?

Womanizer stimulators are more attuned to your body than any man. The proof is in the automatic mode of this sex toy. You turn it on and the speed/intensity of the vibrations are autonomous. They change according to your body’s reactions to bring you to orgasm.

There are also several manual modes. Two buttons on the front of the stimulator allow you to choose the right mode.

The quality is there. The silicone is soft and the ergonomics are perfect. You should not twist and miss your orgasm because the desired option is triggered by changing hands … For the life battery, it is quite good. You can recharge it every 3 hours or so.

My advice is to take the time to place the tip of the stimulator around your clitoris, then try to maintain it in this position. Then the sex toy does the work for you!


7. Pipedream glass dildo for women

The main advantages of the Pipedream dildo:

  • Cools and warm up
  • It can be used on both sides
  • Good diameter without being too big

This sex toy manufactured by Pipedream is a large glass dildo. It measures 22 cm in length, which ensures an easy grip on your intimate toy. The dildo has a diameter of 3.3 cm. This is a good diameter for penetration during masturbation.

The material of the sex toy is glass. It has the particularity to be used on both sides. On the first side, the tip is shaped like an acorn for sensations close to a real penis when it enters your sex. But my favorite is the second side. It’s ribbed. The differences in forms are felt thoroughly during the first insertions and are a treat!

Another advantage of this sex toy: the glass can be heated or cooled. Just dip it in water at the desired temperature to get the right heat. I am fond of contrasts. In the summer, I masturbate with a cold dildo and in the winter, I heat it up a bit.


8. XXL black realistic dildo

The main advantages of the dildo XXL:

  • 8 cm wide!
  • Perfect curvature for the G-spot
  • Realistic design

I put on this page several sex toys for women perfect for a first purchase. This is not the case with this big black dildo. Indeed, its dimensions can frighten women who discover the pleasure of intimate toys. For the experienced ones, they love it: 21 cm of length and 4.8 cm of width.

This width is impressive and you will need some foreplay with your partner or solo caresses to be able to insert it in your sex.

It’s not just big. It is well curved and offers maximum sensations. Another good point of this female sex toy, it is a suction cup dildo. Feel free to attach it to a chair or the floor and ride it. You’ll feel as if you’re having sex with a partner and, my little trick, you’ll be able to stroke your clitoris at the same time.

This is a “realistic” dildo. This means that the design looks like a real sex.


9. Vibrator Rabbit G-Stormer

vibrAToR gstormer

The main advantages of the Rabbit G-Stormer:

  • Rabbit format that stimulates the clitoris
  • Intense movements

During my teenage years, my Lelo vibrator was the absolute must-have. Things have changed with the advent of sex toys like stimulators. However, the vibrator remains a classic among female sex toys. I only have two left, including this Rabbit model from G-Stormer.

A Rabbit vibrator is called so by the presence of a silicone part to the clitoris with a shape reminiscent of a rabbit ear. It offers a double stimulation. During penetration, the vibrator makes you feel good vaginally while the rabbit stimulates the clitoris.

Pretty, this vibrator has a large diameter of 3.9 cm. The movements are intense. If you are buying your first sex toy, they can be intimidating. If you’re bored with your last vibrators, this is a great choice.

Well curved, with 10 vibration modes and 7 reciprocating motions, it has everything to take you to orgasm with minimal effort. It feels like a jackhammer when it’s in action and if you’re well dilated, it’s exquisite.

On the other hand, I find it a bit heavy. So if you like slow masturbation, this is not the most appropriate.


 10. Joyful vibrating egg

sex egg joyful

The main advantages of the Joyful vibrating egg:

  • Small size easy to insert into your sex
  • Perfect for gentle masturbation

I’ve never been a big fan of vibrating eggs. When it comes to masturbation, I much prefer stimulators. However, I do appreciate this Joyful vibrating egg. It’s small, compact and typically the kind of women’s sex toy you can carry around in your purse.

It’s only 8 cm long, but the 3 cm diameter ensures your pleasure with every penetration. A handy remote control is included to control the vibrations of your egg.

I just regret that the sex toy cannot be taken into the bath or shower. Indeed, it is not waterproof.


What are the safest materials for sex toys?

Silicone is the most common material used on sex toys. But it is not the only one. I’m thinking of glass dildos or metal BDSM accessories.

When you buy a sex toy, the important thing is to check that it is hypoallergenic and phthalate-free.

For this reason, I always avoid unknown brands of sex toys sold on sites like Amazon. Coming directly from China, they don’t always respect legal standards. By opting for the best sex toy brands, you can be sure to have a healthy female sex toy.


How to find the best place to buy sex toys online?

I always order my sex toys online. I don’t like the atmosphere of the sex shops and the prices are often 20 to 50% more expensive than on the websites.

I buy my sex toys for women:

  • Either directly on the website of the brand: Womanizer, Lelo
  • Or on online sex shops known for their seriousness.

I advise you to avoid all the unknown sites on which you can’t find any review or which indicate incomplete legal mentions.


What are the important criteria to evaluate the quality of a sex toy?

shape stimulator
Silicone is the most common material for female sex toys.

Of all the criteria that exist to decide if a sex toy is qualitative, my priorities go to:

  • Materials: sex toys should be made of body-safe materials such as medical silicone, borosilicate glass or stainless steel.
  • Ergonomics: the shape and size of the sex toy must be adapted to the female anatomy for a comfortable and pleasant use.
  • The brand: the most famous brands are a guarantee of confidence.
  • Features and technologies: a wide range of vibrations, technology such as Womanizer’s “Pleasure Air”, such functions are real assets.
  • Price: $20 sex toys are almost always of lower quality than those costing over $100.


How do I clean and maintain my female sex toy?

I am not going to give you a complete tutorial on how to clean a sex toy in a presentation of the best female sex toys. However, you should know that for most models, the job is simple.

Warm water and mild soap, or a special cleaner sold in sex shops, are all you need to clean. Scrub well if you’ve used a lube, as it tends to stick and leave visible marks. Then, wipe it off with a clean cloth.

If possible, keep your sex toys in the cases provided or in the box. Do not leave them lying on the floor or on a dresser and do not expose them to the sun for a long time (this tends to deform the silicone).


Can I use a sex toy for women with a partner?

Of course you can! It’s even a great idea. I often enjoy myself alone. Lying on my bed, relaxed, I love to explore my body, to let my thoughts run free before having an orgasm. When you give yourself an orgasm, you feel powerful.

But I also use them with Mark. During the preliminaries, the sex toys make the excitement rise. Besides, we are on an equal footing. He gives me as much pleasure with sex toys for women as I give him with my mouth or masturbators.


Is the size of the sex toy important?

Yes, but not essential.

The size of the sex toy must depend on your desire. Among my collection, I have small and big models.

For example, I like vibrating eggs or pocket vibrators to masturbate in all discretion or to relax.

sex toy loki wave
Some sex toys like the Loki Wave are big.

But I also sometimes look for adrenaline with big sex toys. Most often, it is about huge dildos that I use with Mark.

As for the ones that make me cum the most easily, their size is neither small nor big. They are the clitoral stimulators.


Can I use a sex toy for women in the shower or in the bath?

Most models are waterproof. They work under the shower or even in the bath. Nevertheless, before trying, check the product sheet or the box of the sex toy.

With the effect of water, I take less pleasure when masturbating the clitoris. However, in a bath, it is a perfect situation to relax.

As for penetration, if you know how to find the right position, the lubrication provided by water allows you to take maximum pleasure.


What is the average lifespan of a sex toy and how do I know if it needs to be replaced?

Long! If you get quality, a female sex toy can last for several years. I am not a fan of overconsumption and take care of all my items.

Some of my sex toys are over 5 years old and are still going well. The Womanizer Premium stimulator is a good example.

So, if you make the right choice, it is very rare that a sex toy is unusable after 3 years.

The worst surprises I’ve had were with inexpensive electric models that stopped working overnight. I have also known silicone sex toys, I think dildos, which became less pleasant to the touch over time.


On this page, I have given you a selection of excellent female sex toys. Choose one of these models and you should be sexually satisfied. Choose quality over quantity, and when buying several intimate toys, try to get items that offer complementary pleasures rather than identical ones (for example a clitoral stimulator, an anal plug and a dildo).


woman sign avaWritten by AVA

Young thirty-something, experienced libertine, I became addicted to sex toys!

My favorite: clitoral stimulators.

What I like: innovative, beautiful and designed for women by women.