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LELO is a reference brand in the field of sex toys. So I own several LELO products. The last one I bought is the SILA Cruise clitoral massager.

Small, compact, it met my expectations. Find out what you need to know about the SILA clitoral stimulator, as well as tips for using it.

Test of the clitoral stimulator Sila Cruise (brand LELO)

sila cruise lelo

  • elegant stimulator
  • light and easy to handle
  • buttons in the best possible place to change modes
  • sufficient variety of stimuli


  • autonomy of 2 hours
  • a smaller width would be optimal

Presentation of the Sila Cruise stimulator by LELO

box stimulator sila cruise

When I opened the package, my first surprise was the shape of the clitoral stimulator. Indeed, it is rounded. Most of the stimulators I know, especially those of the Womanizer brand, have longer shapes. Its dimensions are: 80 x 75 x 35 mm for a weight barely over 100 grams.

Available in three colors, the SILA Cruise is elegant and has a modern design. All settings are made via 3 buttons on the top of the stimulator:

  • a button ” + ” to increase the intensity of the vibrations
  • a ” – ” button to decrease the intensity of the vibrations
  • a button to turn on, change modes or turn off (if you press long) the sex toy.

The SILA Cruise clitoral stimulator works without batteries. You charge it on a power outlet via the cable provided in the box. The battery charged, the sex toy has a life battery of 2 hours.

In addition to the USB cable to recharge it and the stimulator, the box contains an instruction manual, a satin storage pouch and a warranty registration card. Complete and classy, this box makes a nice romantic gift.

Like all clitoral stimulators, using it is very simple. You or your partner hold the stimulator in your hand. The tip with the hole should be put around the clitoris. Then the different modes and vibrations feel good.

During masturbation, you will change the intensity to vary the sensations. But it is important to keep the sex toy stable and well around the clit. There is nothing more frustrating than approaching orgasm and having a partner who moves the sex toy and stimulates an area of skin rather than the clitoris….

My opinion on the SILA Cruise by LELO

Let’s start with the appearance of the stimulator. This is a real positive point. I find it beautiful, modern and discreet. It’s not a phallus-shaped sex toy. So if you want to surprise your bed-shy partner with a gift, the SILA Cruise will create more desire than fear.

Its compactness has certain advantages. Transporting it and storing it is easy. Unlike the first clitoral stimulators that I had tried at “my beginnings” in the world of sex toys, its lightness is surprising. During masturbation, holding it for 15 or 30 minutes requires no effort. This light weight also allows holding it more easily around the clitoris.

design silo cruise lelo

This shape is not perfect. I would have liked it to be less wide. However, I’m into details. LELO has created a beautiful and practical stimulator.

Besides, the buttons are in the best possible place. I can’t remember how many sex toys I’ve used that have poorly placed intensity control buttons. With the LELO Sila Cruise, your fingers are in front of the buttons. These are the right size, easy to engage without being touch buttons that receive unwanted directions.

For masturbation modes and intensities, the SILA Cruise stimulator has 8 different settings, from a teasing whisper to a pleasurable pulse. You also have different lengths of vibration depending on the mode. It’s up to you to find the one that suits your mood.

In addition to this mode, you choose the speed by pressing the “+” and “-“. The first few times you use the LELO SILA Cruise stimulator, you’ll probably run through all the possible differences. Then, after a few successful uses, you will use only a few. With experience, I know that, like most women, I get my orgasms on prolonged modes with intermediate speeds.

LELO is a specialist in female pleasure and proves it again with this stimulator. It is exquisite. Once the stimulator is well placed, all women enjoy themselves. With a little practice, every masturbation session leads to an orgasm.

I use it in many ways. The most common is masturbation alone or with Mark in bed. But the waterproofness and the discretion of the sex toy allow other scenarios…

The life battery is satisfactory without being exceptional. To never be frustrated by a sex toy without batteries, I got into the habit of recharging them after each masturbation.



In conclusion, the SILA Cruise clitoral stimulator by LELO is a success. As pretty as effective, it has all the qualities required to give you pleasure. Special mention for its design that I love!


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