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The Lelo brand has become a reference for years among the female sex toys. I have about ten of its products at home. Just before Christmas, Mark surprised me with a new one: the Sona Cruise 2 clitoral stimulator.

What are its characteristics and what did I think of it?

Sona Cruise 2: Test of a clitoral stimulator by Lelo

sona cruise by lelo

  • pocket size and discreet
  • the strongest intensities… are very strong!
  • fits perfectly in your hand
  • waterproof and solid
  • buttons too close together
  • narrow tip ideal alone, more difficult to control for a partner masturbating you


Presentation of the Sona Cruise 2 cherry

For my sex toy, I got it in “cherry” color, but it also exists in black. But, what is noticeable at first glance, is its small size. Indeed, I’m used to the Womanizer Premier which is bigger and this Sona Cruise is only 9 cm long and 5.6 cm in diameter.

This compact size does not prevent it from being vibrating since the clitoral stimulator has 12 different modes of vibration. Completely waterproof, it recharges via a USB cable provided in the elegant box you receive.

My Opinion on the Sona Cruise 2 Clitoral Stimulator

Let’s start with what is obvious but never the most important thing about a sex toy: the design. This Lelo stimulator is beautiful. Its discretion represented by its small size is a quality because it slips easily into a handbag or hides in a drawer of the bedside table without problem.

Do not think that these small dimensions mean low intensities, on the contrary! The 12 vibrations range from low vibrations to intense shaking. I was surprised by this strength on my first try because I was really expecting a soft and “cuddly” sex toy, more than that much pleasure. This surprise did not last long and quickly gave way to pleasure… Because indeed, rather than softness, I like when it vibrates hard!

This is typically the kind of stimulator that brings you a quick orgasm if you know how to use it. The tip in which you put your clitoris is quite narrow and requires a little precision. I therefore advise you to take the time at the beginning of your masturbation to place the tip on your clitoris. If it moves away from the tip, you will suddenly feel the difference… and if you put it in well, you will be rewarded!

stimulator lelo design
Holding well in hand, this stimulator has a small tip to put on your clitoris for maximum pleasure.

This is a bit frustrating when it’s your man or woman who is masturbating you because a little deviation immediately lowers the sensations, and he may not notice. So, I prefer to use this Sona Cruise 2 stimulator alone and, in this way, it is really an excellent sex toy. Besides, between its mini size, its low noise and its efficiency, I find it perfect for a young woman who would like to discover her sexuality without fearing that another inhabitant of the house will discover the toy…

The design of the Sona Cruise 2 stimulator is perfectly ergonomic. Once in your hand, it does not move. You can use it with ease. I always prefer to point the tip downwards while masturbating on my bed or sofa, but as it is waterproof, there is nothing to stop you from enjoying it in the bath or shower… With the effect of water under your body, the pleasure is different.

stimulator sona 2 lelo
An ideal pocket size, high intensities … My only complaint is the three keys too close to each other.

For vibration and ignition, everything is set thanks to three buttons on the bottom of the sex toy. It is simple and easy to understand. Nevertheless, the position is not the best chosen. If you want to change the intensity, the proximity of the buttons can be complicated… I would have preferred three buttons more spaced. I know I’m quibbling, but when you have twenty stimulators into your closet, it is normal to become demanding!

Overall, this is an excellent small and light stimulator that is much stronger than it seems.


woman sign avaWritten by AVA

Young thirty-something, experienced libertine, I became addicted to sex toys!

My favorite: clitoral stimulators.

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