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Tenga eggs have become a classic among male masturbators. I recently ordered a 6-pack of Tenga Eggs to try them out and give you a test.

Discover the characteristics of Tenga Eggs, their advantages and disadvantages.

Test of the 6 pack of Tenga Eggs

egg tenga

  • a star product among sex toys
  • small price for 6 masturbators
  • 6 eggs with different feelings (the inside differs)
  • strong and stretchable silicone
  • can cover your whole sex
  • waterproof sextoy
  • lubricant provided
  • cannot be penetrated like a vagina
    little difference between each egg when used

Presentation of the Tenga egg

A Tenga egg is a small masturbator. Each egg is 7 cm long and 5.3 cm wide. Waterproof, it can be used in the shower or even in the bath.

This set includes 6 different eggs. If the hole and width are always the same, the silicone inside varies. Thus, you have:

  • The Wawy with wavy ribs.
  • The Clicker with rounded ribs.
  • The Spider with spider web ribs.
  • The Twister with sinuous shapes.
  • The Stepper with bi-directional stimulation.
  • The Silky with a very soft stimulation.

The name of the egg is indicated on the white paper above.

My opinion on the masturbators Tenga Eggs

When unpacking the package, a surprising effect is guaranteed. You have the impression of having a box of chicken eggs. With Ava, it made us laugh. You have the thin plastic packaging and your 6 eggs just waiting to be eaten! This style makes it a great gift.

tenga eggs box
I’m a fan of the packaging worthy of a box of chicken eggs!

Once the presentations are done, it’s time to play with these famous Tenga eggs. Being a little (a lot) clumsy, I have a tough time opening the plastic and Ava does it for me, eager to see me take pleasure alone with these masturbators.

Lubricating Tenga Egg
A Tenga egg is small, but expandable. In addition, lubricant is provided.

The size is small and a complete change from the vaginettes I’m used to. With a vaginaette, I love to block the sextoy and make movements as if I was taking my partner.

With a Tenga egg, you manually relax the silicone, put it on your penis like a condom and make the movements with one hand.


A little bit of lubricant is given with each egg. Using it makes the movement smoother and brings an exciting feeling of wetness. But I have also masturbated without lubricant and it is just as good. I highly recommend you try it in the bath. It brings other sensations.

With your Tenga Egg, there is nothing to stop you from going very fast. You put your penis in the little hole and masturbate quickly for a quick and tasteless orgasm. For such a use, they don’t bring anything special and I much prefer to simulate a sexual intercourse with a bigger masturbator, like a fleshlight, where I can move more inside.

On the other hand, when you take your time, my opinion on the Tenga Eggs becomes very positive. Play to the fullest in the sensations. Take care to put the silicone over most of your penis. Since it is very stretchy, it covers your sex well. Remember to spread the edges a little wider to make it easier to put on.

Then, with your hand or your partner’s hand, make slow movements down to the base of your sex. The excitement builds, while the silicone material provides a cool, sticky/soft coating that has nothing to do with your usual hand. Then, masturbate while trying to make the pleasure last. The resulting pleasure will be liberating and powerful!


A little additional advice: for other scenarios, ask your partner to masturbate you with his feet instead of his hand. The movement will be more complicated, slower, but it’s so pleasurable. Between the sight of her feet, even more if she does it naked, and a less controlled force on the Tenga silicone, you’ll love it.


hole tenga eggs
Each hole is the same, but the inside differs (ribbed silicone, corrugated…)

By touching with your finger, you will notice real differences between each Tenga egg. This is also the case when you make tight and slow movements, but as soon as you put some lubricant and speed up, all eggs look the same.

Because the egg is closed, your sperm doesn’t go all over the place during the orgasm, but it’s not an absorbent tissue… So, plan on a quick trip to the shower right afterwards or something to wipe you off with.

All in all, I understand the hype surrounding Tenga eggs. Marketing-wise, it’s a real success with a unique presentation and concept for sex toys. The price is also extremely attractive with less than $50 for 6 reusable adult toys. Who says better?

Try them out to see how they feel, but I think the slow method of masturbation will be the best.


It won’t revolutionize your sexuality and you won’t get a delicious suck like with a premium masturbator, but between your hand and the Tenga egg, there is no match… unless you have a soft, ribbed, stretchy silicone hand!


So it is a very good investment able to accompany you as a faithful partner during all your masturbation…


man sign markWritten by MARK

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