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If you read my reviews regularly, you’ve already seen that I love the Womanizer brand. Their clitoral stimulators are a real treat. Since ten days, I have a newcomer in my collection of female sex toys: the Womanizer Liberty.

Is it good? How does it differ from the Womanizer Premium? I’ll tell you everything!

Test of the Womanizer Liberty clitoral stimulator

stimulator liberty

  • orgasmic pleasure
  • pocket size, easy to carry
  • ideal ergonomics
  • practical support
  • low price for a Womanizer
  • less powerful than the Womanizer Premium

Features of the Womanizer Liberty

Let’s start with the details of the presentation sheet of the stimulator. It measures only ten centimeters and has a diameter of five centimeters. To charge it, you use a USB cable provided when you buy the device.

Totally waterproof, it can be used underwater without any problem. At the level of vibration, you have the choice between 6 intensities. In hypoallergenic silicone, the sex toy does not irritate. If necessary, the tip that allows you to focus on the stimulation on your clitoris can be changed.

My first steps with the Womanizer Liberty stimulator…

As usual, Womanizer is effective on the packaging. I received a nice solid pink box. Inside, you discover the sex toy with the tip that will give you all the emotions you dream of (at least, that’s the promise), a USB cable to recharge it, a storage pouch and a small user manual.

The first thing that surprises me is its size. Next to the Womanizer Premium, it is small. I have put a picture below for you to notice.  Another difference is that you have a holder that allows you to close the stimulator (a bit like the holders for razors). From a hygienic point of view, this is great. For women like me who have pets, it also avoids you to find the hairs, which fly everywhere in the house in the daily, on your sex toy…

There are only two buttons: the + and the -. To start it, just press the + and to turn it off, press it longer.

What did I think of the Womanizer?

I’m used to clitoral stimulators now and I couldn’t wait to use it. Here’s what to remember about the strengths and weaknesses.

The Handling of the Womanizer Liberty Stimulator

The stimulator is perfectly designed. Its ergonomic shape makes it easy to hold. You hold it well during masturbation and the buttons to choose the intensity can be reached without difficulty. The tip fits well and is quite large, so you can quickly put it around your clitoris.

I advise you to caress yourself with your fingers beforehand. This makes your clitoris swell, wets you and excites you. The arrival of the clitoral stimulator is then welcome…

Exquisite Vibrations, but not as strong as the Womanizer Premium

The different vibrations given by the tip are worthy of the image I have of the Womanizer. They feel great. Having talked to friends about it, even those who have trouble experiencing clitoral orgasm have it with this little sex toy. It’s impossible to put into words exactly how it feels. Indeed, there is no rubbing like when you masturbate with your hand, no wetness or contact like during cunnilingus, but the sensations are there, and not only a little!

The waves make your clitoris vibrate. An intense heat effect invades me, and it goes up again and again until the explosion. A good management of the intensities facilitates my orgasms and I imagine that it will be the same for you. So I recommend that you don’t go too fast into the higher intensities even if you are very excited about the idea of having a climax with the stimulator.

Start slowly and increase as you go along. Choose the strongest vibrations at the moment when you realize that the orgasm is coming.

While the vibrations are exquisite, they are not as strong as the Womanizer Premium. Plus, the Womanizer Premium has an automatic mode that does all the work for you that I particularly like…

liberty vs premium womanizer
The Liberty is an ideal travel size compared to the Premium.

A pocket size ideal for travel

When you only have one or two sex toys in your bedside table drawer, it takes up little space. But when you have more than a dozen, the size of your future purchases matters.

This Liberty stimulator is very small and with its stand, it stores easily. That’s a nice feature, even more if you want to take your intimate toys on the go.

Whether it’s to be in your bag for work (oh, this sneaky masturbation at work… just one tip: try it!), for an overnight trip to a hotel or for a romantic vacation, this pocket stimulator is very handy. It fits everywhere and its vibrations can accompany you in each of your masturbation. This advantage is less true for the Premium which is much larger.

Solo Masturbation without Effort

The other advantage of this size is that the Womanizer Liberty stimulator is easy to hold during masturbation. In fact, if you come in three minutes, as I often do with such a sex toy, any stimulator will do. On the other hand, if you take thirty minutes, having a small toy is more pleasant for your forearm muscles in charge of keeping it fixed.

For use with a partner, Mark seems to have more difficulty keeping the same position with the Liberty. With the excitement that overtakes him, he tends to move the sex toy more while the heavier Premium, held better in place.

Less Expensive than the Premium

It is often said that when you love, you don’t count. I may be crazy about sex toys, but that’s not true: the price of the stimulator does matter. Currently, the Liberty is around $100 while the Premium is around $200. This difference can weigh in your decision if you have a low budget.

While the Premium is my daily friend, the Liberty is my favorite for a travel size!

My conclusion of the Womanizer Liberty test

Womanizer has proven to me once again that it is superior to any man when it comes to orgasm (sorry Mark, if you are reading this…). When the conditions are right and my mind is focused on my feelings, I have an orgasm every time.

I preferred the sensations of the Premium which are stronger and its automatic mode is extraordinary. But the pocket size has many qualities. The Liberty will have its place in my bag next time I travel. This small size is also very good for discreet masturbations or in narrow places like the bathtub, especially since it is very quiet…

By offering you this stimulator, you make a good choice, and you’ll realize it very quickly!


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