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If you read our blog, you already know how much I love Womanizer stimulators. Until now, all the stimulators on the market have been aimed at stimulating the clitoris. The Womanizer OG is revolutionary: it stimulates the G-spot.

Discover all the information you need to know about this new sex toy, as well as my opinion after a few tests.

Test of the Womanizer OG stimulator

test review womanizer og

  • Marvelous sex toy
  • Double stimulation
  • Pleasure Air technology as effective as ever
  • Smart Silence function
  • Easy to use
  • Buttons fairly hard to change modes

Presentation of the Womanizer OG

Available in 3 colors, the Womanizer OG is long and thin (176 x 113 mm), light (152 g) and has a curvature. This shape allows holding the handle and to enter, without difficulty, the stimulating part in the vagina.

Waterproof and made of silicone, the sex toy needs 100-minute charge to have nearly 120 minutes of autonomy. A USB cable is provided in the box to recharge it.

Now that the “technical” details are given, it is time to move on to the most important thing: the pluses that make the difference.

As I said in the introduction, this is the first time I have tried, and even seen, such a female G-spot stimulator. Until now, the models advertised as stimulators were more dildos or curved vibrators.

With the Womanizer OG, you have an object thought and designed for a precise stimulation of your erogenous zone. The Pleasure Air technology is expressed through the tip inserted into your sex. It is an ABS ring that is also found on other stimulators of the brand, but this one is wider than on other models.

design review womanizer og
The ABS ring is wider than on other Womanizer stimulators.

3 levels and 12 different intensities stimulate your G-spot. You choose the settings via the buttons on the sex toy.

But that’s not all. The curvature also offers vibrations. With each penetration, vibrations are felt at the entrance of your vagina.

The current price of the Womanizer OG stimulator is 199€.

My opinion on the Womanizer OG stimulator

The opening of the package is always so pleasant. The box of the sex toy is beautiful, solid. I knew that the stimulator was curved to allow better identification of the G-spot area, but the curvature surprised me. Moreover, the stimulator is very thin.

packaging womanizer og
The Womanizer packaging is always a success.

After about thirty minutes of charging, I wanted to try it. It’s not every day that you can, despite an experience like mine, try a revolutionary sex toy!

The penetrating part is not huge (around 2 cm in diameter), but you need to be at least lubricated to insert it. So I stroked myself to moisten my sex and to be able to make to the penetration. You can, of course, put some lubricant, but I didn’t need it.

The best is to be lying on your bed with your legs spread. The insertion is then natural.

I recommend that you start with a low intensity and a prolonged type of vibration. Discover quietly the sensations of this new sex toy. The first effects will soon be felt.

The Pleasure Air technology includes a mixture of light suction and deep massage. It’s hard to put into words, but I always alternate between sighing with pleasure and shivering with astonishment at a new suction. If you already have a Womanizer in your drawers, you know what I mean… These stimulators are self-contained and all women, even those new to masturbation, feel the effects.

Then, little by little, change the intensity and, why not, the type of vibrations. To do this, you use the 4 buttons at the bottom of the sex toy. For my part, I like to keep the vibrations continuous.

buttons womanizer og
The buttons are in the perfect place, right under your fingers during use.

The buttons are ideally placed. With the stimulator in your hand, your fingers are right on top. But I still have a little trouble operating them properly because they can be a bit too hard. This causes pauses in my masturbation and so I end my pleasure sessions by staying at the same settings to avoid interruption at the wrong moment.

To achieve a G-spot orgasm, repeated movements in the erogenous zone are necessary during sex with your partner. However, this is not how you should use a stimulator. You are the queen, he is your servant.

You insert the Womanizer OG stimulator and the Pleasure Air technology does all the work. It’s powerful enough that your clitoris, on the other side of the vaginal wall, benefits. During sex games with Mark, he tried stroking my clitoris at the same time. The sensation is then stronger, but you end up not knowing where the pleasure comes from! So I prefer to trust the G-spot stimulator to take me where it needs to go.

The vibrations of the curvature of the sex toy are not a “gimmicky” addition. They have the effect of a vibrator when you penetrate yourself.

I did not reach orgasm during my first three uses. I enjoyed it, but since I tend to have my vagina shrinks a lot when I climax, it was a little confusing. Then, on the fourth use, I took my time, raised my legs more and the orgasm I got coupled with my breath. When you discover a new “type” of orgasm, it’s always a unique experience. A bit like a drug addict, you only want to relive it.

sex toy womanizer og

To achieve pleasure, the Womanizer OG requires you to listen to your body. For this reason, I do not recommend it for masturbation with a boyfriend or a girlfriend. The partner always tends to go too far, to unstick the ring from the vaginal wall or to want to move the sex toy like a dildo.

Only the Womanizer OG deserves its title of revolutionary sex toy. It provides a long and powerful orgasm.

Once experienced, change the intensity by pressing the “-” to switch to Afterglow mode. This slower level gently ends your orgasm.

The sex toy has a Smart Silence feature. When it is no longer in contact with the skin, it stops. This is good in two situations: when you want to masturbate quietly and before sex. There is nothing more frustrating than using a sex toy during foreplay, wanting to move on to penetration but not being able to turn off your intimate toy!


In conclusion, I am loving the Womanizer OG. It succeeds in its primary objective: to offer an orgasm different from those obtained with the other sex toys of the brand. I’m looking forward to discovering more about it in the next few days…


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