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I treated myself to a little pleasure in early July. While browsing an online sex shop, I came across the latest Womanizer model, a range of clitoral stimulators. It promises orgasm thanks to an autopilot mode to all women in record time. A very attractive promise that I was eager to try. Here is my feedback!

Full test of the Womanizer Premium stimulator

box womanizer premium

The Womanizer Premium is my favorite sex toy. I’ve said it many times before on this blog… It brings you to orgasm quickly and surely. What more could you ask for?

  • fast and intense fun
  • high quality material
  • multiple vibrations
  • autopilot mode
  • complete instructions
  • storage pouch…
  • In short, one hell of a sex toy!


Features of the Womanizer

The Womanizer is an intelligent clitoral stimulator. This means that the female sex toy detects your level of arousal on its own and provides the vibrations you need. I’ll talk about this in more detail later in the test. It also has a manual mode where you increase and decrease the intensity of the vibrations chosen among 12 different modes.

The device measures 15 cm in length and 3 cm in diameter. It has a visible tip which is the part to put on your clitoris.

It is available in several colors. I chose the red one, but you can also find it in white and black. 100% waterproof, this clitoris stimulator also has a silent mode allowing it to work only when it is in contact with your skin.

Discovering the Womanizer Premium stimulator.

The Womanizer stimulator box is beautiful. It augurs immediately a sex toy of high quality. It contains the sex toy, two tips of different sizes for your clitoris, a USB cable to charge it, a user manual in several other languages. This manual is very complete and I invite you to read it before your first masturbation.

womanizer premium stimulator
Here is a picture I took when I opened the Womanizer.

Feel free to keep the case for convenient storage or slip the sex toy into your bedside table drawer.

The first charge takes about two hours. I was surprised to see that the charging wire works with magnets. This feature allows for a completely waterproof material that can be washed thoroughly. A welcome and hygienic extra.

How to use this clitoral stimulator?

As its name suggests, the clitoral stimulator is a sex toy whose action is to stimulate your clit. It is one of the most effective intimate toys to have an orgasm easily. If you have never experienced orgasm, feel free to test this model quietly and you will tell me about it.

The Womanizer Premium consists of a part that you hold in your hand and a tip, which we have already talked about, which is placed on the clitoris. To make it work as hard as possible, spread your lips and put the tip directly around your clitoris. There is no direct contact with your clit, but the waves give you pleasure. The design of the tip allows this.

The use of the stimulator will make you decide which tip is the most suitable for your clit (there are two different sizes). The tip, like the whole sex toy, is made of silicone. It can be attached and removed quickly.

womanizer premium clitoral stimulator
Here is the famous tip, with the hole in which your clitoris is placed, capable of making you cum!

You then have the choice between the two modes.

The first is the classic manual mode. Using the three buttons on the Womanizer, you turn on the sex toy, then choose the level of vibration with the “+” and “-” buttons. A light indicator consisting of three dots shows you the intensity at which you are. In total, you can choose between 12 different settings. Again, I recommend starting at the lowest levels and increasing as your body demands more speed.

The other mode is REVOLUTIONARY, which is “autopilot”. This means that you put the tip around your clit, activate the mode and let the device take you to orgasm. Womanizer promises an ideal accessory for all women, even those who have never had an orgasm or struggle to relive it. Even better, this clitoral stimulator would be able to give you an orgasm in less than a minute and several in a short time!

It is the autopilot that decides to lower or raise the intensity of the vibrations. It is your masturbation partner. This mode is the reason for my purchase! I’ll tell you what I thought of it later.

It is also self-silencing. When you have chosen the autopilot mode and the sex toy is not in contact with your skin, it stops working. This increases the battery life, but also offers other possibilities such as silent masturbation. A practical plus for masturbating in public or secretly in his room or bathroom.

What did I think of the Womanizer?

Finally, we get to the heart of the matter. I have now used this sex toy three times, twice alone and once with Mark. I’m not going to be mysterious for a long time: the Womanizer allowed me to come!

The Handling of the Stimulator

First of all, it’s easy to hold the device. The instructions give an ideal position, but even without the little diagram, it is intuitive. The device has the right weight: not heavy and therefore no pain in the forearm even after twenty minutes of use, not light and therefore manageable with precision.

Using it with Mark

This Womanizer clitoral stimulator is often a toy that you use to masturbate alone. However, this does not mean that it is not suitable for foreplay. Mark was as excited as I was to discover this accessory that “promises an orgasm” and wanted to test it very quickly.

We used it in the classic way, in bed: me on my back and him on my sex. I had to get excited so that the clitoris grew and became easy to stimulate. Then he was able to place the tip of the Womanizer on my clitoris. He had set the autopilot mode, but as it starts very slowly, it did not stick with the desires that we had at the time. So he quickly switched to manual mode.

He’s not a big fan of clitoral stimulators, because he feels like he’s “doing nothing”. That’s partly true, but that’s also why I love them when I use them alone… On the other hand, he loved to see the pleasure I was getting. It’s powerful! I even had a very weird reaction from my body, as if I discovered nerve endings. Nearing orgasm, I started to feel the heat under the sole of my foot! Then, I had my orgasm and for the blow, the neighbors had to hear me…

The orgasm didn’t come in a minute (more like eight to ten minutes), but that’s okay. I prefer when the pleasure lasts longer. When Mark holds it, there is just one little drawback: he doesn’t necessarily grasp right away when the stimulator moves away from the clitoris. This happens when you are close to orgasm and you start to move. It’s very frustrating! Fortunately, when you are masturbating solo, you know right away that the tip has moved and can immediately reposition it. This doesn’t take away the pressure that is coming inside you.

womanizer premium manual
You can see on the stimulator the on/off, intensity settings and autopilot buttons. On the diagram in the manual, these are the tips for placing it on your clitoris.

Using the Womanizer alone

I must admit that using it with Mark was very pleasant, but it was like an aperitif before the real meal! I was dying to get it working with my fingers and did so the very next day. Again, I did the classic masturbating on the bed. I think it’s better to do it that way for the first time. The bathing or voyeuristic craziness will come soon enough (I’m getting to know myself).

With soft music, a small fan to support the heat wave and clean sheets, the situation looked great and the moment was… excellent! I tested the autopilot mode. It starts its work slowly. At first you feel almost nothing and wonder if it even serves a purpose, but after thirty seconds it picks up the pace.

It’s a mixture of masturbation and total sloppiness because you don’t have to think. The stimulator raises the levels alone and gradually. The orgasm is in front of your eyes, you see it coming and the regularity offered by a stimulator ensures success. I took my time and once again I came in about ten minutes. The intensity of the orgasm is very strong.

Even without making a single movement, you come out tired (positively) and my legs were shaking for almost two minutes… I might as well say that I enjoyed my sheets for a little while longer before I could get up!

The second time, I also started on autopilot, but I quickly had the desire to go faster. The nice thing is that you can switch to manual mode with one touch. I increased the intensity to the maximum. Unlike vibrators, where I often stay on a median power, the Womanizer gives me a lot of pleasure when it’s at maximum.

For the first few levels of vibration, they are good for the beginning, but quickly, you will want something stronger. Using the manual mode, my pleasure was fast. I didn’t have a stopwatch in hand, but I would say I had an orgasm in two to three minutes, which is really an impressive result. This is surely a sign that I am beginning to master the sex toy!


Wrap the silicone tip around your clit and go on the road to heaven!


My conclusion of the Womanizer test

I am surprised by the effectiveness of this stimulator and yet, as you can see from my blog, I have experience in using sex toys. I have had an orgasm all three times I have used it and each time it was faster. Your brain is not thinking about whether you will have an orgasm, but how fast.

I can only recommend trying it. If you don’t feel much, the problem is not the product, but probably the wrong placement. Spread your lips with your fingers, surround your clit with the silicone tip and you will enjoy it!

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you that since this article was written, a Premium 2 version has been released. It is just as, or even more, exciting!


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